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The foundation of every business must be to know it's numbers! Whether one account is used for payments with one source of income, or your business model is more complicated, we here at Wander CPA help you automate your bookkeeping. We setup your chart of accounts*, link your bank/ cc accounts, and create "Rules" that greatly reduce the amount of time needed for bookkeeping.


The chart of accounts we recommend follows the tax Schedule C which greatly reduces the amount of time needed come tax time. However, if your business model/ needs are different, we will design your GL Account codes accordingly. 

Software we are familiar with include:

  • QuickBooks Online

  • QuickBooks Desktop

  • Wave

Business entities we have worked with in the past:

  • Sole-proprietors

  • LLC's (Single & Multi-member)

  • S-Corps


  • If cost is a major factor, we work closely with international bookkeepers to get your job done.

  • Hourly/ flat-rate options available

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Business Management

As Business Managers, we help you manage all of the financial aspects of your business.


We manage and monitor your income tax payments to the IRS, FTB, and City of Los Angeles Office of Finance. We create/ manage online accounts, make payments, and document all activities to ensure all payments are processed correctly. 

On the income side, we can help with invoicing and following up with your clients. No invoicing calculation is too involved for our team. We're accountants and we love number crunching. 

Lastly, if not produced by us, we collaborate with the various members of your team (CEO, bookkeeper, secretary, tax accountant) to ensure third-party reports and deliverables are produced in a timely fashion.

There may be other "tasks" and processes that are unique to your business. Let us know what your needs are and we will help you meet them. 

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Most people hate paying taxes, but benefit from at least some of the services that taxes provide; such as roads, and a secure border. 

There are tax saving advantages to business owners as they relate to business deductions, and entity selection (such as an S-Corp).

Most people who are "employees", also have some sort of side hustle whether "passive" or "active". Knowing the tax rules can be the difference between keeping your hard-earned money, and paying it unnecessarily. 

Our philosophy is to educate our clients before the fiscal year is enable them to make tax-wise decisions. It is our job to ensure that all of our clients are well educated on what the rules are and to suggest options for saving on their tax bill. It is also our job to ensure that, should an IRS audit occur, our clients are "audit-proof".

We offer two ways of having your taxes completed:

  1. Full Service: We prepare and sign your taxes from documents, info, support you provide. 

  2. Consultants: We advise you with your tax preparation. You are the signatory.

With both of these ways, we work with you and your accounting team to obtain the necessary documentation.

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  • Do you need to provide audited/ reviewed financial statements?

  • Do you, your investors, others need assurance that your financial statements are accurate.

  • Is fraud suspected in your organization?


These and more are the reasons organizations generally look for assurance services. Whether for internal confidence, or external requirements, we are happy to help you discover/ determine the best options for your needs.

With BIG 4 Audit experience, we have the ability to provide quality attest services.

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Around the Clock Attention

As seasoned Business Advisors, services we have provided include:

  • Web Development

  • Outsourcing Assistance

  • Forensic/ Fraud Accounting

  • Corporate Structuring

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