Passive Activity Loss Scenario – Single



Filing Status: Single

MAGI: 120,000

Rental Real Estate Loss: 31,000

Active Participant: Yes

Real Estate Professional? No

Current Year Deduction (See Calculation Below): 15,000

Carryforward Deduction:                                              16,000



MAGI:                                                                   100,000

Phaseout:                                                           20,000 (MAGI – 100,000)

Multiply Phaseout by 50%:                           10,000 (20,000 * 50%)

Maximum Special Allowance:                     25,000 (Given)

Minus Required Deduction:                         (10,000)

Adjusted Special Allowance:                        15,000

Rental Real Estate Loss:                                 31,000 (Example above)

Deduction Allowable:                                     (15,000) (From Adjusted Special Allowance above)

Carried Forward:                                              16,000 (31,000-15,000)



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Michael Wander