Tax, Accounting, and Advisory Services

Whether an established company, or a brand new start-up, Wander CPA is dedicated to providing best in class tax, accounting, and advisory services. 

Tax Preparation

We have over 10 years of experience preparing tax returns for sole proprietors, single-member LLC’s, Partnerships (MMLLC’s), and corporations (both S and C type). We don’t just “plug in” the numbers, we look with a critical eye to ensure we are helping you get the most deductions and highest return you are legally able to receive. We don’t do just business tax returns, but we also take care of the business owners, as well as those who are salaried employees. 

Tax Planning

While Tax Preparation is obligatory (by the IRS/ States), Tax Planning is not. It’s no wonder why tax planning is the single item that can provide the greatest impact. After 12/31/YE, tax saving options are EXTREMELY limited. The vast majority of tax strategies must be implemented prior to year-end. 
We analyze past and current-year performance, determine together with the business owner current-year potential adjustments, and provide a tax-liability estimate. 
The second, and more crucial step, is providing the business owner with a list of potential tax saving strategies that can be implemented throughout the year. 
Tax planning can take place quarterly, semi-annually, or even monthly. We recommend doing one at least at the 6-month mark, and then again after Q3, and finally after November 30th (for fiscal year clients). The increased frequency towards the end of the year provide opportunity for adjustments given unforeseen changes, and assist with strategy implementation where necessary.

Outsourced CFO

-Full service accounting

All of the services: Tax Bookkeeping, Advisory, are provided by either our staff or yours. If your staff will be performing the bulk of the heavy lifting, we train, monitor, and adjust as necessary your processes to ensure all your business needs are met. 


Our talented staff can keep track of your books and provide monthly financial statements to provide you, the business owner, accurate insights into business performance and enable you to make the right decisions about the company.


We offer a full-service payroll option for those who would like.